Why is acne drug Accutane still on the market?

A blog on the BNET (CBS Business Network) site asks why, when Accutane has so many real side effects, it is still on the market. Although for really bad cases of acne, it is still prescribed (and may work in terms of reducing the outbreaks) there are many, many other approaches which are less toxic.

To read the full blog with the many comments click here.

But in case you did not know about the known side effects, here is what BNET says is an incomplete list:

  • miscarriages (patients must be on birth control when using it)
  • birth defects (facial and nervous system deformities, mental retardation)
  • increased internal skull pressure
  • bone mineral density
  • depression
  • psychosis
  • suicide
  • aggressive or violent behaviors
  • acute pancreatitis
  • “unknown” cardiovascular consequences
  • deafness
  • hepatitis
  • bowel disease
  • excessive bone growth
  • night blindness and sight loss

February 2010


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