Research references are listed, as nearly as possible, by the dates on which the research was first published or brought into the public domain. Clicking on the title of the research will take you either to a precis of the findings (with further links to the relevant source material) or directly to that source material.

Because many original research papers remain restricted by publishers it is not always possible to link visitors to the original research so the links that we give will normally be to the 'second level' reports from reliable and respected sources such as MedicalNewsToday, WebMD, MedPage Today and Medscape.

If you wish to pursue your own researches beyond these pages, one of our regular contributors, John Scott, has some suggestions for sites which will provide you with reliable and informative material.


One third patients with moderate or severe acne in a large randomised trial had significant improvement in acne severity and lesion count with an antibiotic-free topical gel versus placebo. March 2015

Adult acne can be caused by food intolerance.  January 2014

Probiotics may help with acne. April 2013

Study suggests that differing genetic strains of acne bacteria may explain why, although most people carry acne bacteria, acne does not affect everyone. January 2013

Acne medication linked to a doubled risk of eye problems. April 2012

Obesity linked to acne in teenage girls. January 2012

Antibiotics for acne linked to sore throats. November 2011

Lack of research into widely used acne treatments could be limiting their effectiveness. August 2011

Levels of vitamins A and E in the blood may affect acne. March 2011

Acne drug may lead to Irritable Bowel Disease. March 2010

Food with a low glycemic load may help acne. July 2007

Chinese medicine uses food to treat acne. August 2007

Light plus suction promising for acne. April 2007

Milk, acne and the iodine link. July 2006


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