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Nut Free Face Paints. Alex Gazzola looks at some allergy-safe options for children. June 2017

Herbal eczema soothers. Medical herbalist Lindsey Miller shares her top five ingredients which she believes can help problem skins - as well as some good lifestyle tips. September 2015

Newly updated US guidelines of care for the management of adult and pediatric atopic dermatitis focuses on the management and control of the condition, the co-existence of allergic disease, and the use of alternative approaches to supplement medical therapies. October 2014

Ruth, who blogs at What Allergy? How Protopic changed my life! October 2014

Ruth, who blogs at What Allergy?, asks is there an eczema solution? And John Scott replies - yes! September 2014

The Eczema Diet by Karen Fischer. In this exclusive edited extract from her new book on good nutrition and diet for eczema, Karen Fischer reveals the eczema-safe grains, milks and proteins that you should be eating. August 2014

Eczema sufferers sought for silk clothing trial. January 2014

Success story collections from Food Intolerance Network.

Useful overview of eczema from NY Times blogs. July 2013 

A Water-softening Approach to Eczema. Tony Frost – an independent consultant with over 35 years’ experience in water treatment design, supplies and services – reviews the historical evidence and benefits for water softening in the management of eczema. January 2013

Herbal medicine for skin conditions. Medical herbalist, Lyn Blythe, looks at how herbal medicine can be helpful in the management of eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea. November 2012

Allergy Academy – Allergy for non health-care professionals. Study day covering eczema, allergic rhinitis and food allergy. October 2012

Food allergy testing in infantile eczema. An algorithm for dermatologists to help in the investigation and management of food allergies in infantile eczema including patient selection, invetigationadn elimination diets. June 2012

Another helpful post on What Allergy? on using Evening Primrose oil to manage a severe eczema outbreak. March 2012

Really excellent blog post from WhatAllergy? on the trials of coping with an eczema outbreak – plus useful tips for coping. February 2012

Laughter is catching - and can improve your allergic eczema! September 2011

Open access article on PubMed giving an overview of current approaches to treating eczema and an assessment of their efficacy. Includes topical and systemic medical therapies, UV light etcs. July 2010

NHS guidelines for the management of eczema in primary care. March 2011

Gardeners hands... Michelle Berriedale-Johnson reviews the prevalence of hand eczema among gardeners and offers simple avoidance tip. May 2011

The homeopathic treatment of childhood eczema. By Patty Hemingway. 2009

Practical tips for eczema management from AAA and Sandra Robinson. 2009

Thinny Skinnies: the lowdown on leaky skin and allergies. Micki Rose looks at recent research and suggests how you might deal with the problem. 2009

Practical management of atopic eczema in children: a straightforward set of instructions on how to manage the treatment of eczema in babies and children, by Ann Marie Powell. 2008

Sun and children’s skin
: an investigation into protecting the skin of sensitive children against the effects of the sun, by Frances Dale. 2007

Old-fashioned remedies for Eczema and Psoriasis: how a retired pharmacist, Sheila Davies, driven by the appearance of eczema on her grandson, created a concoction in a pestle and mortar that improved his skin, and that of many others. 2007

Avene-les-Bains and its healing waters: how the waters at this hydrotherapy centre in France have helped heal inside and out. By Sara Hannan. 2006

Starting school with eczema: how to prepare for passing the care of your eczematous child to a teacher or school nurse. By Margaret Cox. 2006

Tips for food allergic and intolerant children for starting school by Gail Sinfield. 2005

Sandra and the eczema elixir: the story one little girl and her eczema that inspired the creation of The Green People skin products. 2004

Dietary approaches to eczema: notes from food intolerance tester and advisor, Mary Roe, and her approach to and methods of treating people with eczema, successfully. 2004


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