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A recent study on 187 personal care products formulated for children has shown that most contain at least one known skin allergen even if they're marketed as hypoallergenic. December 2014

Identifying products containing toxic mercury. August 2014

Oat and wheat as contact allergens in personal care products. November 2013

Minnesota bans anti bacterial soap. May 2014

MI (methylisothiazolinone) in ‘wet wipes’ causing dramatic rise in allergic skin reactions. March 2014

Chronic headaches and sleepiness caused by facial soap (containing hydrolyzed wheat proteins)-induced wheat allergy. 2014

New ways to trace fragrance allergens. October 2013

Scientists explore new fragrance compounds to replace salicylates in perfumes. October 2013

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in nail maintenance products a serious risk for workers. October 2012

Chronic headaches and sleepiness caused by facial soap (containing hydrolyzed wheat proteins)-induced wheat allergy. March 2012

Higher allergenicity of high molecular weight hydrolysed wheat protein in cosmetics for percutaneous sensitization. February 2013

Although the dyes Brilliant Blue (ED133) and Patent Blue (E131) are authorised for use in the EU, both have been found to permeate recently shaved or damaged skin. January 2013

Phthalates in personal care products may increase risk of diabetes in women. July 2012

Tests reveal lead content of lipsticks is above that allowed in candy bars. February 2012

Research links contact dermatitis to cosmetic ingredients. January 2012

Parabens in breast tissue not limited to women who have used underarm products. January 2012

Allergic contact dermatitis to preservatives and fragrances in cosmetic. April 2011

Non-fragrance allergens in specific cosmetic products. November 2011

Manchester-based law firm calls for a ban on hair dye chemical. 2011

Serious adverse effects from cosmetics. May 2011

Check reveals 'green' products may come from petroleum rather than plant-based sources. March 2011

Safer, more effective skin-whitening creams from ancient Chinese herbal medicine. March 2011

Antibacterial soaps - being too clean can make you sick. November 2010

Rhinoconjunctival sensitization to hydrolyzed wheat protein in facial soap can induce wheat-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis. February 2011

Mintel Beauty Innovation reveals ‘Down to Earth’ as key trend to impact beauty in 2011. January 2011

Scented consumer products shown to emit many unlisted chemicals. October 2010

Health risk posed by secret chemicals in fragrances. May 2010

Heavy metals in children's face paints. October 2009

Fragrance allergens found in babies' bathwater. July 2009

Fragrance in personal care and household products causes eczema. June 2009

Common skin cream ingredient is a marine pollutant. April 2009

Allergic to perfumes, Donna Robertson has MCS, but many doctors still dismiss the condition. March 2009

Even natural perfumes may cause allergies. February 2009

Skin creams make skins drier. March 2009

Lip balm addiction and chapped / eczematous lips. January 2009

Hairspray linked to genital defect in newborn boys. January 2009

Nail extension chemicals can cause allergic reactions and permanent damage. August 2008

Permanent makeup - solution or nightmare? May 2008

How to protect yourself if you're sensitive to scents. January 2008

Synthetic fragrance recognised as potentially harmful. July 2007

Skin patch test may not detect allergy to geraniol. June 2007

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