Mintel Beauty Innovation reveals ‘Down to Earth’ as key trend to impact beauty

With 13% of new skincare, hair care and cosmetic products making the paraben-free claim on their labels (up from 5% in 2008), and almost 9% of new products claiming to be organic, natural beauty seems to be the way to go.

Mintel’s head consultant Nica Lewis suggests that 2011 will see more companies placing an emphasis on maintaining biodiversity and reducing packaging – skincare products with environmentally-friendly packaging were up by five percent.

The growing market for products free-from parabens and petrochemically-derived ingredients has put pressure on manufacturers to source natural and organic raw materials, to master green ‘solvents’ and to use sustainable surfactants. At the same time, the manufacturers must prevent the cost of their products from sky-rocketing, and ensure that the huge market for ‘anti-ageing’ products is satisfied.

Senior Beauty Analyst at Mintel, Vivienne Rudd reported that the skincare market in 2010 was almost back to pre-recession levels, with many major companies making new deals. This development will have an impact on the ‘Down to Earth’ trend – with companies simplifying text on their products, detailing plant-based ingredients and generally treating their consumers as educated participants.

Source: Mintel Beauty Innovation

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January 2011