Poor NHS psoriasis care revealed by new survey

To coincide with Psoriasis Awareness week the Psoriasis Association has published the results of a national survey showing that only 16% of psoriasis patients have had the severity of their condition measured according to the widely recognised PASI test and a mere 9% had been offered an assessment of the impact of their condition on their quality of life. Indeed, the vast majority of patients did not even know that the assessments existed.

Psoriasis is a complicated condition to treat – it doesn’t stay in one place. Improvement might be seen in one area of the body only for it to resurface elsewhere. As well as being very physically debilitating, it can have a deep psychological impact, especially if the condition is severe and affects visible parts of the body – see Alex Gazzola's report on a survey earlier this year.

psoriasis care

November 2011

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