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Inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis may result from abnormal activation of cell death pathways previously believed to suppress inflammation. December 2014

Chronic itching, which occurs in eczema and psoriasis, appears to incorporate not just the nerve cells, or neurons, that normally transmit itch signals but also pain neurons to intensify the itch sensation. October 2013

Coeliac disease-associated antibodies in psoriasis. August 2013

Psoriasis has a serious impact on patients' lives. However, adherence to medications is often poor, potentially compounding the burden of disease. Questioning using the statements most associated with psychosocial impact and non-adherence could help identify patients with additional support needs, and assist in overcoming adherence issues.  May 2013

Psoriasis could be linked to salicylate intolerance. Blog post from mother of multi allergic child whose psoriasis (and  behaviour and bowel movements) improved markedly on a salicylate free diet. April 2013

Gum disease linked to psoriasis. October 2012

Drug exacerbated psoriasis. March 2011

Psoriasis linked to stroke risk. August 2011

Fault in immune memory may cause atopic eczema and psoriasis. July 2011

New psoriasis study will tackle physical and psychological needs of patients. January 2011

Can drinking beer cause psoriasis? August 2012

Eczema and psoriasis – genetic differences identified. March 2010

UV-B light treatment improves psoriasis and Vitamin D status. August 2010

Psoriasis is a symptom of non-coeliac gluten sensitivity. September 2010

Benefits of topical treatment with collolidal oatmeal for eczema and psoriasis. September 2010

Children with psoriasis at risk of psychiatric disorders. March 2010

Web-based therapy for psoriasis. April 2009

Psoriasis linked to Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. February 2009

Missing genes link to psoriasis. February 2009

Psoriasis: scientists unmask genetic markers. February 2009

Compromised skin barrier function plays role in psoriasis development. February 2009

Higher levels of obesity related hormone found in patients with psoriasis. February 2009

Web-based programme for people with psoriasis which aims to reduce psychological distress and help with managing psoriasis. December 2008

An effective treatment for plaque-type psoriasis can be found in traditional Chinese medicine. November 2008

LCD solution provides significant benefits in treatment of psoriasis. July 2008

Psoriasis and Dr Fish. September 2007


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