Rosacea and Urticaria Research

Research references are listed, as nearly as possible, by the dates on which the research was first published or brought into the public domain. Clicking on the title of the research will take you either to a precis of the findings (with further links to the relevant source material) or directly to that source material.

Because many original research papers remain restricted by publishers it is not always possible to link visitors to the original research so the links that we give will normally be to the 'second level' reports from reliable and respected sources such as MedicalNewsToday, WebMD, MedPage Today and Medscape.

If you wish to pursue your own researches beyond these pages, one of our regular contributors, John Scott, has some suggestions for sites which will provide you with reliable and informative material.

How relevant are the human Demodex mites (the only permanent human ectoparasite) in rosacea? February 2015

Peach-induced contact urticaria is associated with lipid transfer protein sensitization. October 2011 and 2013

Some patients with resistant chronic spontaneous urticaria might benefit from H. pylori eradication. October 2012

Gliadin allergy manifested with chronic urticaria, headache and amenorrhea.  December 2011

Clues to the causes of rosacea. September 2009


Articles on rosacea and urticaria

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