Freefrom intimate skincare and feminine hygiene products

  • Cadum Intimate
    A range of natural feminine hygiene products which contain over 99% organic ingredients and gently moisturise, cleanse and soothe, whilst maintaining correct pH balance. The hypoallergenic range is free from soap, parabens, EDTA, BHT and DMDM.

  • DermaSilk Intimo
    Range of medical-quality silk clinically proven to reduce the itching and burning soreness of vaginal thrush, and to reduce the number of thrush recurrences.  Briefs are hypoallergenic and permanently bonded with an antimicrobial to combat the infection.

  • Femmecup
    Reusable, green UK produced menstrual cup. Also produce Femmewash: a cup, hand and intimate natural wash made with organic aloe vera. Free from parabens, SLES or soap and can be used on all brands of menstrual cup and sensitive skin.

  • Natracare
    Organic cotton tampons and natural pads developed as a response to concerns about dioxin pollution from chlorine bleaching, the use of pesticide spraying on conventionally grown cotton, and the use of harsh synthetic chemicals in feminine hygiene.

  • Organyc
    Soil Association-certified sanitary protection products made with 100% pure cotton, which are natural, organic and biodegradable. Products include tampons (with and without applicators), pads and pantyliners (with or without wings), intimate wash, and intimate wet wipes.

  • Sylk
    Natural personal lubricant which simulates your natural secretion, and is safe to use with condoms and tampons. Available on prescription and OTC at chemists. Free sample available at website. Free from hormones, harsh chemicals, parabens or colourings.

  • Veeda
    No synthetics, no added chemicals, no dyes - Veeda makes hypoallergenic, and affordable 100% natural cotton tampons and cotton coversheet ultra-thin pads and liners. A product your body can feel good about!

  • Yes
    Designed to “change your world from the inside”, Yes natural intimate lubricants and moisturisers offer purity, performance and pleasure. Winner of Best Organic Bodycare Award, 2011. Free from parabens, glycerin, hormones, silicones, skin irritants, perfume and petroleum products.

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