New FreeFrom Personal and Skincare Products

New Skincare at the Natural and Organic Products Europe Show 2013

The Natural & Organic Products Europe Show is the UK’s only natural and organic trade event, and a great place to explore new and emerging ‘free from’ skincare (as well as ‘free from’ food – many of which we’ll be reviewing on our FreeFrom Foods Matter site in the coming months).

SkinsMatter.com has been attending for several years – click here for a round up of our 2012 finds – and once again we were impressed with innovation in ‘free from’ cosmetics. Here is a small selection of the many brands and products which we came across.


Therapi is a pure, gentle skincare range said to nourish, balance and purify your skin, which launched at the Show. Inspired by the moisturising properties of honey, found in all its products, the range is rich in anti-oxidants thanks to its active botanical extracts and nourishing plant butters.

The three product lines are Rose Otto (for normal/dry skin), Orange Blossom (for normal skin), and Lemon Myrtle (for oily/combination skin) – each features cleanser (£18.50, 100ml), toner (£21.50, 100ml) and moisturiser (£26, 50ml), with the Rose Otto line also boasting an Ultra Radiance Cream (£28, 50ml).

The range is free from parabens, petrochemicals, silicones, formaldehydes, SLS/SLES, and artificial fragrances. There are no peanut oils, dairy or gluten in the products.

Anar Naturals is another new range of skincare products, which boasts high quality natural and organic ingredients and ‘free from’ credentials.


Products include Aloe Vera Moisturising Crème (£14.95, 50ml), Ayurvedic Scrub with Honey and Lemon Oil (£14.95, 50ml) and Rejuvenating Eye Cream with Q10 and Bilberries (£12.95, 15ml).

Anar Naturals’ products are free from alcohol, parabens, phthalates, petroleum products, DEA, artificial preservatives, PABA and animal ingredients. 

Nuts are used in the scrub; and wheatgerm oil is used in some products. There is no dairy in the range.

We like that they have a guide to labelling on their website, but hope ‘free from’ considerations can be incorporated in future.

Devon has a tradition of organic and natural skincare, and first-time exhibitors Emma’s Soap are continuing it, with their range of natural handmade soaps which are free from artificial fragrances, artificial colours, palm oil and petrochemicals.

Amma's soap

All oils and butters used in are from a cold press process avoiding chemical base solvents for extraction purposes. Where possible oils and butters are organic and or unrefined, Emma uses the beeswax from her own hives and that of a local bee keeper, ensuring only the best grade is used in the manufacturing of the soap, giving the end user a high grade product.

The soaps are made with virgin olive oil, which is full of anti-oxidants and vitamin E.

Prices start at £3.50 for an 85g bar.

Childs Farm is an interesting new children’s skincare range of products, consisting of a shampoo and a conditioner (strawberry and organic mint ‘flavour’), a orange oil hair and body wash, plus two tangerine oil bubble baths – each priced at £4.69 for 250ml bottles.

Child's Farm

The range is free of SLS, petrochemicals, artificial colours, nuts and dairy – but does contain artificial fragrance, which is a pity as we can’t help but feel it isn’t really necessary in children’s products.

That said, the range boasts between 94% and 99% natural ingredients, and the packaging is colourful and visually appealing. A couple of the products use argan oil, which is an interesting innovation for children’s products.

Crescent soap

We were very interested in Crescent Soaps at the show.
These are two soaps, available in Pure and Milk & Honey, which are produced without alcohol, animal products (the milk and honey ‘flavour’ is natural fragrance from plant sources) and other synthetic chemicals. The brand is halal and vegan friendly.

The soap is based on palm ingredients, and we were told by the owner of the brand that these were not initially from sustainable production – but will be in all future batches. There is propylene glycol in the soap, which can be derived from petrochemical sources, but we were unable to establish in this case the original source of the ingredient.

Six 125g bars cost £14.94, and the team behind the brand are planning hand sanitisers, wipes, liquid hand soaps and hajj kits in the future – so we look forward to seeing how this original brand develops.

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