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We were alerted to the Alison Claire range of skincare products recently when Estelle, one of our regular readers and posters on our skincare forum, commented how useful she’d found one of their hand creams for her eczema. We were also pleased to see that one of our favourite natural beauty and ‘free from’ bloggers, Sarah of Sugarpuffish, enjoys the range too.

The team first tried the Invigorating Bergamot & Black Pepper Shower Gel (£12, 200ml). At first, we were a bit concerned that the black pepper may be too strong for delicate or sensitive skin, but it is extremely subtle, and the emphasis is more on the bergamot. The gel produced a light, rather than excessively soapy, lather, which we liked very much, and cleansed just fine. Overall, a very pleasant gel, certainly not overpowering, which also contains extracts and botanicals such as comfrey, blackberry, strawberry and meadowsweet.

Next, the Mango Body Butter (£15, 200ml). The smell of this was delicious, our tester thought, and the consistency was rich; all in all, very much like a mango cream dessert, convincingly looking good enough to eat. She found the butter to be quickly absorbed, and it left her skin looking enriched but not greasy. The aroma left on the skin, though, she thought was just too sweet to be used extensively on the body, although it did fade to a much more agreeable level during the day.

The same tester had some reservations about the Rose Geranium Body Lotion (£12, 200ml)). The initial impression is positive – a nice and subtle floral lotion on first use. She found, though, that that quickly faded once on the skin, and an unusual and slightly smoky aroma was left behind, which she wasn’t keen on. This may be due to the addition of a perhaps surprising ingredient which we have not come across before – radish root ferment filtrate – but this was merely a guess on behalf of our tester. The lotion did leave the skin visibly conditioned, though, and feeling good and smooth.

Finally, the Lemongrass Foot Cream (£12, 200ml), of which we were fans. A different tester tried this, and she could not get enough of the lemongrass aroma, which was quite strong in the product. She found it a good pre-night-time footcream to refresh and condition, and that the aroma lingered well. The cream itself is fairly thin, not too greasy and goes on easily. No fireworks or any tingling sensation, just a nice softening of the skin on the feet. Lovely.

We really like that Alison Claire understand the importance of ‘free from’ principles. As they say on their site about their range: “before we tell you about all the good, natural active ingredients that make it So Remarkable, first let's tell you what's NOT in it.” That list of ‘free from’ properties includes laurel / laureth sulphates, parabens preservatives, phenoxyethanol and PEGs, as well as synthetic fragrances and colours.

What we would have liked to see, though, was some confirmation of all this on the labelling, in the form of a ‘does not contain’ section, perhaps. Although we understand that most customers will visit the website and read the ‘free from’ properties, some mention on the packaging would have been good. The labelling is otherwise excellent and easily legible: clear black print on white, with good instructions. Hopefully, some ‘does not contain’ or ‘free from’ labelling can be incorporated into this very appealing natural skincare range in the future.

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