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We’re big fans of Alva Natural Skincare here at – and with good reasons: their ranges of skincare products and make-up are natural and organic, they have terrific ‘free from’ properties, are cruelty free and PETA approved, and most have EcoCert organic certification.

Among their many ranges is the Rhassoul skincare range, formulated for the deep cleansing of problematic, oily and spot-prone skin, and based on the mineral-rich clay found deep under the Moroccan Atlas mountains. With a long history of beautifying and cleansing use, the clay boasts hydrating, mineralising and detoxifying properties – all of which the Rhassoul range products harness. Dermatological studies on the products have shown improvements in moisture levels and skin elasticity, and up to 85% reduction in spots and acne and sebum levels.

Throughout December, two independent volunteer guinea pigs have been testing two of the items in the Alva Rhassoul range.

The testers were Hazel, who is in her mid-thirties and suffers from spots, acne and sensitive skin, and Jacqueline, early forties, who has suffered from acne since childhood, and is keen on seeking out natural remedies for the condition. Here’s what they had to say about the two products.

Rhassoul Mineral Wash Cream (£11.95, 150ml)
The Rhassoul Mineral Wash Cream is the cornerstone product in the range, and is made with clay and essential oils of lavendar, rosemary, bergamot, citronella, tea tree and ylang ylang. The product can be used all over the body and scalp as well as the face, and as well as being helpful for those with acne and spots, is also ideal for those with rosacea.

Jacqueline said: “The fragrance of the Wash Cream was a little medicinal but not unpleasant – a bit liquorice-y, I found. I found it very easy to use: the texture was like a slightly runny mud mask, but not so runny that you couldn’t use it with your fingertips as a facial wash. It left my skin feeling pleasantly washed and ‘treated’. I would definitely use this product again.”

Hazel said: “The Wash Cream had a lovely natural fragrance, which was powerful too. I did find it a little runny for my taste, though. I personally prefer something more ‘substantial’ which can exfoliate. As much as I liked it, I’d like it much more if it had a thicker consistency – but that’s just me. As a wash it worked well, and I loved everything else about it.”

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Rhassoul Active Cream (£12.50, 75ml)
The Rhassoul Active Cream is described as a ‘highly effective cream for fighting pimples, blemished and acne-prone skin’. It features tea tree and manuka oil to act against the formation of new spots and blackheads, and aloe vera and algae extract to help moisturize.

Jacqueline said: “The Active Cream had a milder fragrance than the wash. The cream itself was very thick and took some time to work in, but it did leave my skin feeling mattified. For the first couple of weeks’ use my spots got worse but then they started to clear up. The cream was quite heavy on my skin and I think this may have caused it to produce more oil. I think that on a younger skin the cream would be better suited as younger skins have natural oils which need to be maintained. On my more mature skin it was perhaps a little too heavy. But it did leave my skin very fresh.”

Hazel said: “I really loved the natural fragrance of the Active Cream and my friends commented on it too. The texture was lovely and quite ‘rubbery’ – I mean that in a good way! It was easy to use and felt like something was actually going on! I liked everything about it and my skin felt wonderful after each application, both at first and after several weeks’ use, which I was impressed by. Overall, my skin felt more ‘bouncy’ after continued use of the moisturer, and also looked more ‘consistent’ or evened out, if that makes sense. I would definitely buy this product.”

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Other products in the range include the Rhassoul Peeling Mask (£12.80, 75ml), which can be helpful for skin prone to stubborn blemishes, spots and acne, and the Rhassoul Clay (£10.50, 200g), derived purely from volcanic mineral clay, is suited for people with skin allergies.

Also available are: Rhassoul Clear Up Active Facial Tonic (£11.80, 100ml), Rhassoul Cleansing Milk (£12.80, 100ml), Rhassoul Balance Cream (£12.80, 75ml), Rhassoul Pimple Stick (£8.20, 5ml), and Rhassoul Repair Spray (£11.30, 75ml).

Our tester Hazel was also keen to point out that the packaging was very chic and attractive.

Every product in Alva’s Rhassoul range is 100% natural and free from petrochemical derivatives, harsh preservatives, parabens, SLS, EDTA or PEGs or artificial colours.

Rhassoul products by Alva are available from the Alva website and selected independent outlets nationwide.


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