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These pretty organza bags filled with organic oats, parsley, chamomile and dried goats milk release their creamy smoothness into your bathwater to comfort dry, itchy skin. Handmade to a traditional home remedy for eczema. Each bag can be used 3 times and is suitable for babies, children and adults.

There are four bags to choose from:

  • traditional remedy for sore and itchy skin
  • naturally anti-inflammatory
  • calming and soothing
  • gentle and moisturising

In the words of a new breastfeeding mother: "I had a bath using the Bathe-Away Sore Areas last night, and have woken up with very comfy boobs and VERY soft skin. The bags have definitely had a gentling affect. Delicious."

Bathe-Away organic bath bags, 200g, £6.99

Bathe-Away products are available online at

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