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We know that skin sensitivities can be triggered or exacerbated by the toiletries we apply to our bodies, and those whose skin is particularly prone to reactions are naturally concerned about what they use.

Like all Green People products, the ingredients in the extensive Organic Base No Scent range have been chosen with the skin foremost in mind, and are natural and certified organic. In addition, the products are made without perfume or essential oils, which particularly sensitive people can react to, and are therefore suitable for some people who may be prone to eczema and psoriasis and other skin conditions.

Our tester Gary, who suffers from patches of dry skin, tried three of the unisex products in the range. Here is what he had to say.

Shower Bath (£9.95, 200ml)

I felt positively predisposed to this the instant I squeezed it out of the tube. It is an almost colourless pale yellow gel, with a nice thick consistency, and you only need a tiny amount for it to lather up brilliantly. The cleansing and foaming agent is coconut-derived, and it works effectively.

The problem with some unscented shower gels, in my limited experience, is that they can smell as if they’re not quite ready for use. They don’t have that synthetic quality of cheap or unnatural washes, granted, but you do tend to notice the absence of fragrance, and although not unpleasant, it’s not always pleasant either. I recently tried The Body Shop’s Earth Lovers Unfragranced Shower Gel (since discontinued), and while I liked some of its eco qualities, there was a moment where I hesitated over applying it, because it was unusually unscented and a bit plastic-y and I doubted whether I was going to enjoy it. I only sort of did.

There’s none of that doubt and insecurity with this product. It has a very light citrus or coriander quality which I liked very much (although there is clearly no citrus or coriander in the product – only mallow, yucca and aloe vera as the obvious botanicals), and I loved using it. Big thumbs up overall.

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Deodorant (£7.95, 75ml)

To my nose this actually did lack any discernable scent. My issue with roll-on deodorants is that they don’t dry quickly enough – and this fared no better or worse in that department than any other I’ve tried, such as Alva’s fine Roll-on Deodorant for men or indeed Green People’s own wonderfully refreshing Stay Cool Deodorant for Men.

I think the trick is to use very little – although that does run the risk of letting you down from the perspective of odour. Trial and error may be called for. Either way, it claims to be non-irritating and it claims to deodorise – and, even if it did occasionally leave my pits a little damp for an extended period, it easily passed both those tests.

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Hand and Body Lotion (£18.95, 200ml)

This is an absolutely wonderful product. It has a buttery and avocado-y quality which is very appealing to anyone who cares about what goes on their skin. Aloe vera, avocado, hemp and olive are the notable ingredients.

I had previously been using A’kin’s Unscented Replenishing Body Moist in the range, which I hope to try another time, and which looks perfectly suited to the job.

In the meantime, I’ve been persisting with using the Hand & Body Lotion on my various dry patches, including facial areas, and have continued with the scent-free moisturising cream I’m currently also trialling, Trilogy’s Very Gentle Moisturising Cream for sensitive skin. The combination seems to be working well for me.

Another winner, then. To purchase or for further information, click here.

To see the complete product range, which includes among other products a cleanser, shampoo and liquid soap, click here.

As far as free from properties go, the Organic Base No Scent range is free from essential oils and fragrance. Like the rest of Green People’s products, it is also free from parabens, petrochemicals, lanolin, SLS/SLES, PEGs, synthetic colours or additives.

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