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KZ (Kuswera Zuro)

KZ – or Kuswera Zuro, to give it its full name, and meaning ‘the day before yesterday’ – is a soft moisturiser whose key ingredient is African potato tuber, which is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds. It is said to be good for inflamed, swollen or thickened skin, as well as sun-damaged or ageing skin.

One of the problem skin conditions it is additionally said to be good for is acne rosacea, and on that basis, we asked two of our regular testers with patches of facial rosacea to try it for a couple of months, to see whether they noticed a difference or improvement.

Mez, who blogs at All Made Up, said:

“A little goes a long way with this cream, although it takes a bit more rubbing in than I’m used to as it has a thick consistency. I felt it may be unhygienic constantly dipping your finger into the jar, but I realise that the product may be too thick a consistency for a tube. The informative literature that came with the product was very helpful. The label on the jar is quite busy and bright but feel it’s true to the origins of the product.

“I liked the natural scent, but the fragrance may not be right for everyone. I liked the product at first but I found it began to dry my skin out after a while – especially on the patch of rosacea where I concentrated using it. I gave it a break and retried it, and it stopped drying my skin. It may have been because I began to use less of the product and I wasn’t taking care of my skin as much before in terms of regular exfoliation. But unfortunately I don’t feel it did anything to reduce the visibility of my rosacea at all after the testing period. I will continue using it over winter as it leaves my skin feeling a little oily (in a good way) because it will stop any make-up on top looking dry or cakey.”

Mica said:

“A great first impression. KZ comes in a nice glass pot and smelled great; really fresh and fruity. There’s a nice, light, smooth non-greasy feel to the cream. It went on smoothly and sank into my skin easily. I really liked the cream: there seemed to be an honesty about it. I had never heard of using African potato tuber in creams before and was quite excited by the prospect. My skin felt really comfortable after applying the cream and seems to have gained softness after using it regularly.

“I have skin which gets spotty easily from rich creams although it also dries and gets flaky easily too, so finding a cream that holds this balance has been an almost impossible task my whole life. This is further complicated by rosacea. After the first few days I began to get a few spots and considered stopping. I liked the smell and texture of it so much though and the general redness of my face was beginning to fade, so I applied it even more sparingly. This worked. No spots, the dryness improved and the redness of the rosacea on my face has definitely faded. After two months of constant use I’m only about a quarter of the way down the pot – very economical! I’m really happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone, especially people with problem skins like mine.”

KZ is free from parabens or fragrance allergens. Other than the African potato, there are also some good oils, including wheatgerm, jojoba and evening primrose. However, we would have liked to see the ingredients listed on the website too.

A pot retails at £22.50, a not unreasonable price for a product which clearly lasts a very long time.

You can buy it from the Little Herbal website.

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