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Life Changing Products from the 2014 FreeFrom Skincare Awards

Life changing products

Every year in the FreeFrom Skincare Awards, a few of our Natural Beauty Bible Testers – who put shortlisted products through their paces for four weeks – discover products which turn out to have profound effects on their skin troubles.

Although those products don’t always go on to win an Award and sometimes divide opinion among testers, we think it’s worth telling you a little bit more about them ...

There’s an extraordinary story – with equally extraordinary pictures – about one of the shortlisted products, the Apicare Manuka Therapy 30% Honey Cream, which you can read about here, but below we round up some of the others which brought about dramatic improvements, with some comments from the tester whose skin was transformed.

Hairy Jayne, Pre-shampoo Treatment Oil (Shortlisted, Hair Care)
“A very light oil. The fragrance is light, clean, fresh and natural. The first time I used the product it stung the sore parts of my scalp. I put up with the stinging and it wore off after half an hour or so. After shampooing I noticed that my scalp didn't feel as irritated as it usually does. 24 hours after using the oil I noticed my scalp was not itching as much and nor was it flaking badly. The second time it stung a tiny bit but by the third time there was no stinging and no irritation at all.

“A few weeks later I have a normal healthy scalp for the first time in about 10 years. I honestly never thought that I would have a normal healthy scalp so approached this oil with scepticism. I will definitely buy this because it is a miracle worker. I can wear black again now!

“My hair looks so much healthier for not being scratched at and pulled around because of irritation. I used to have to use a steroid lotion when my scalp was really bad and that can thin the hair so I am now expecting my hair will look even thicker and healthier over coming months. A genuine life changer.”

Secuvie, Reczema (Shortlisted, Problem Skin)
“The fragrance was very clinical. Very easy to use and apply. It worked in really well. I have had a persistent rash from a fungal infection for the last couple of years and all the creams prescribed have not helped it. It flared up again recently after my body went through a big crisis and nothing was helping.

“Within 24 hours of use, my husband and I noticed a substantial reduction in the rash and it was faded, a lot less angry and sore. I am astonished to say the least. This has to be my miracle find of the year! An infection that the doctors have failed to clear up in two years of prescribing various products has been healed by this product. I am amazed that the rash and raised scarring has completely disappeared. Impressed does not cover it!

“I am not sure if I was supposed to use it around the eye area, but in desperation I did try it to treat my recurring blepharitis and after two applications, the soreness has greatly reduced and some scabs have healed. Rash had faded. Itching gone. Raised parts of rash disappeared.

“It delivered far more than promised. Having tried so many products on the market and having had to have so many creams prescribed (some of them in themselves leaving scars), I had given up hope. This gives me hope that I can do something about this condition now. I wish the fragrance was a little more appealing but what this product can do for my skin far outweighs this.”

Lyonsleaf, Healing Calendula Balm (Winner, Problem Skin)
“The texture is like a thick body butter, I think it has a pleasant slight hint of almond fragrance. Although it appears to be really thick it actually smooths into the skin really easily. It works in well if warmed a little in the palm. No immediate improvement to psoriasis on elbows and knees but after about 5 days’ use I noticed a big improvement in my psoriasis and no longer have sore elbows.

“I have tried loads of creams previously including steroid creams with little improvement in this area long term. I have continued to use the cream and my elbows remain clear. I am so pleased. This is a huge improvement for me as they often bleed as they get so sore. It’s also helped with the psoriasis behind my ears. During the testing period I had shingles and used the cream on these blisters too and found it really soothed the itching. I found it worked best for me if applied after bathing or a shower. This has cleared the psoriasis on my elbows at the moment and for the first time in months they are not sore. It’s definitely reduced, I will buy this again.”

Weleda, Aknedoron Purifying Lotion (Bronze, Problem Skin)
“It smells "healthy" – fresh and clean. It’s a thickish lotion. Very easy to use and apply and disappears instantly. No improvements within 24 hours but in about three days my skin started to improve. Break out spots started to disappear and within three days skin healed and was much improved.

“This product delivered more than I expected and I will definitely buy it. I was a bit doubtful before using this product. As a sufferer from acne rosacea nothing has ever helped. Now at last I have found a product which does the business. My spots have disappeared and the skin has healed.  It looks better than it has for a very long time and I have to thank Weleda for such a fantastic product.”


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