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Tried and Tested: Pure Papaya Ointment

Pure Papaya

PURE Papaya Ointment is a natural, petrochemical-free, multi-purpose ointment which is said to soothe, moisturise and protect dry, cracked or irritated skin whilst promoting skin elasticity. It is safe to use on sensitive areas including dry or sunburned lips. The ointment contains shea butter, macadamia oil, jojoba oil and papaya ferment, plus some other natural ingredients. Fermented green papaya, which is high in the enzyme papain, soothes skin and promotes wound healing.

We asked two testers to give the Pure Papaya Ointment a trial of two months, on their very different skincare issues. Regular tester and new, breastfeeding mum Hazel tried it as a nipple balm and on her daughter as a nappy balm, as well as for other general purposes, while our new tester Natalie used it on her eczema and dry skin patches. This is what they had to say.

Hazel said:
“I absolutely love the smell of the ointment. It’s quite powerful and medical in its aroma and I imagine that it might not be to everyone’s tastes but it is to mine. It’s very aromatic and strong. The texture is oily and dense but I liked that too. I initially used it on my hands and they felt well moisturised immediately. I really like that all the ingredients are natural and papaya just sounds as if it’s a good thing to use on your skin. I also liked that there were coconut, olive oil and jojoba oil in the ingredients.

“I initially used it on my face and it felt great immediately and thereafter. I used it fairly regularly on my hands and I felt they were less dry after prolonged use. I was hesitant at using it as a nappy balm but I did – on my 18-month-old rather than my newborn – and she seemed fine with it. When I used it as a nipple balm, because of the strong smell, I was careful to clean well before feeding and if I were to use it long-term this would perhaps be a concern because I have other fragrance-free nipple balms which don’t require this. However, the ointment felt nice and I think it did help a lot with dryness.

“The packaging is simple, clean and expensive-looking too. But it’s the smell I just loved, as well as the texture and the fact that it feels like it’s working long after you apply it. The product claimed to soothe, moisture and protect and I think it certainly soothed my nipples and provided moisturisation where and when I needed it.”

Natalie said:
“This was lovely and easy to use. It had a distinctive smell that’s perhaps a bit of an acquired ‘taste’, but I did get used to it. The ointment was thick but went on smoothly and sunk into my skin easily without being sticky or leaving a film like other products I have obtained from the doctor.

“When I first started using the cream my eczema on my hands was pretty bad and my skin was rough and patchy and very sensitive. I am always careful using any new products given the flare ups I have had in the past. But I did read the details before I started using the product and was very happy with the labelling and ingredients in the cream. The ointment didn’t sting my skin even where it was really sore. The cream sunk in well and lasted for hours but I did reapply after washing my hands and it didn’t ever hurt then either.

“As the days went by my skin slowly started to improve, the redness went down and after a week or so my skin really did start to settle down. My mother even commented on how it was looking better and asked to use some. I still did have flare ups while using the cream but in general since using it my skin has been far less temperamental and free of nasty bumps that I have got used to living with. I have already recommended the product to a friend.

“There really wasn’t anything about PURE that I didn’t like – though I would like to be able to buy it locally as well as online, but that is my general ethos. It was much better than the emollients I have used in the past and I was genuinely impressed and surprised by how well it worked. I will buy it again and try other similar products too. I suffer badly in the heat so I’m looking forward to putting it to the test when I take it to Lanzarote in April.”

PURE Papaya has great free from attributes, being free from petrochemicals, parabens, SLS, SLES, and phenoxyethanol. There is macadamia oil as a key ingredient, so this could be an issue for those with nut allergies, but no other food allergens are present.

As well as the ingredients which are absent, we like the oils that are present too: shea butter, as is well known, is renowned for its soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory characteristics; macadamia is moisturising and nourishing; and jojoba is said to be very similar to the skin’s natural sebum, and promotes healing (Native Americans used jojoba as a wound healer).

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