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Queen of Aleppo soaps

Queen of Aleppo

Queen of Aleppo produce unique and original 100% natural olive and laurel oil-based soaps which are handmade in Syria according to traditional methods which date back thousands of years.

The soaps are creamy, moisturising and naturally scented, and are recommended for those with sensitive and problem skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis – but can be used by all consumers.

We decided to put two of these fascinating products through their paces. Three testers undertook the challenge: Sarah – aka Sugarpuffish – who runs a natural and free-from beauty blog; Des, who has psoriasis on his knees, thighs, calves, elbows and scalp; and Thelma, who has occasional dry skin issues, but can generally use most skincare products without problem. Here’s what they had to say.

The Queen of Aleppo Liquid Soap (500ml, £12.95)

Sarah said:
“In my home I use liquid soaps so I was naturally drawn to the Queen of Aleppo Liquid Soap. It produced a good lather and the texture is creamy. Packaging is practical and the pump dispenser did not get clogged up. I also think the liquid soap is convenient for travelling.”

Des said:
“Easy and pleasant to use, with good packaging. I used this mostly as a shampoo, for which it’s not designed, and it worked fine. I wanted to use one of the products on the psoriasis patches on my scalp and this seemed the better one…”

Thelma said:
“Very mild fragrance, good texture, neither too thick or too thin, a pleasing ‘dry oil’ feel and a useful pump dispenser – the only down-side was that it was a low-lather product. I was reassured by the natural ingredients listed on the bottle. I liked the lubricating benefits of the olive and laurel oils. I used it primarily in the shower and when I was shaving my legs: it was perfect as a shave emollient, and its naturalness meant I could use it with confidence in the bikini area. It was also a lovely hand-wash, and gentle enough to wash my eight-year-old son’s face with. I would definitely buy this again. The packaging is perfect – good, solid pump dispenser which doesn’t clog up with product, or give a ridiculous dispense on a single pump. Just good functional packaging.”

The Queen of Aleppo Gold Classic solid soap bar (200-220g, £8.95)

Sarah said:
“The size of the solid soap was very generous but this was a drawback for me because I found it difficult to handle. It also left an orange stain on bathroom surfaces. The stain was easily removed but it was annoying to have to keep cleaning it up…”

Des said:
“It was a bit ‘agricultural’ in presentation – a big block with hard edges. I cut it in half (not very cleanly) to make it more usable. Once that drama was done with, the soap was pleasant to use with a nice scent.”

Thelma said:
“The solid soap bar produced slightly more of a lather than the liquid soap, but then I expected the liquid version to produce a more foamy, oily end-product once rubbed in. The solid soap became a bit too soggy with use for my liking – I prefer ones which stay firm.
It comes in basic cellophane and needs to be transferred to a soap dish straight away else you end up with a bit of a messy lump which is not appealing to use.”

Overall comments on both products and experiences

Sarah said:
“The fragrance in both products is strong, herbal and distinctively olive oil with hint of antiseptic which I guess is from the laurel. I like that the soaps are 100% natural and free from parabens and synthetic ingredients. It is important to me that there are no animal fats in the products and no animal testing involved. My hands have always been sensitive to soap and I was pleased with how they felt after washing with Queen of Aleppo. Both soaps did not leave my skin feeling dry or tight, which gave me confidence to use on eczema patches without fear of irritation.

“Overall, my eczema has not improved but the products do help to manage your condition with the moisturising properties of the ingredients. I wouldn’t buy these products, purely for personal reasons: the fragrance sadly does not suit my sense of smell as I am a lover of fruity and floral scents when I bathe. Despite this I can see the benefits: the soaps are multi-purpose so I would recommend them to eczema sufferers who struggle with finding a shampoo or shower gel that does not dry out their skin or who find soaps a skin irritant. The prices, by the way, are reasonable, and you get a large amount of product.”

Des said:
“I used the liquid soap exclusively on the scalp, and the hard soap on all other areas of my body – with the exception of my left knee. There was a definite reduction in the amount of scaling on the knee and elbows, as you can see from the photo of the treated knee (left in the photo) versus the untreated knee (right on the photo), but some of my new patches of psoriasis on the calves and thighs became more active, as did those on the head. In the past, this has happened when using prescription creams such as Dovobet which suppressed the condition in one place only for it flare up somewhere else. I’ll continue using the soaps but this is my biggest reservation at the moment.”

Thelma said:
“Overall, the products left me very moisturised. I even used them on my face and the liquid soap got rid my eye make-up without any rubbing. Over the testing period, I had no ‘scaly’ skin on my legs which can be a problem in the winter when they do not get any sunlight and are encased in tights! It certainly made my legs softer after use, and caused no flare-ups in my armpits where I can suffer soreness and irritation from some products, particularly those with essential oils.”

There are many additional soaps in the Queen of Aleppo collection, with varying laurel content, and some come in rounded, easier-to-handle shapes.


All the products are free from parabens, chemical additives, preservatives, colorings or synthetic fragrances.

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