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Yeast Face masque

Skin Shop's Anti-acne Yeast Face Masque

The Yeast Face Masque from The Skin Shop is an unusual and very affordable product, which is said to have anti-acne properties. This is attributed to its yeast content, and in support of this, The Skin Shop cites a study involving 139 patients, where those using a skin cream containing live brewer’s yeast achieved substantial and statistically significant improvements in their acne when compared to those applying a placebo treatment.

The company also say that the masque is “made from concentrated levels of beer hops”, adding that hops are known to have strong anti-bacterial actions on the skin.

The ingredients of the product are given on the tube as follows: water, kaolin, alcohol (denat), coconut oil, glycerin, yeast extract, cetearyl alcohol, olefin sulphonate, phenoxyethnol, colour E110.

We are a little confused by this, because beer hops are absent from the listing, and ‘yeast extract’ is clearly not the same as ‘live brewer’s yeast’ – although one of our testers mentioned she was sent a sheet explaining that live yeast was present in the product.

Our testers were Mica, in her early fifties, who has facial acne, Jacqueline, early forties, who has suffered from acne since childhood, and is always keen on seeking out natural remedies for the condition, and Dave, who has severe acne and spots.

Mica said:
“This product smells distinctly of yeast. I quite like that but it wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste. It is thick and not easy to apply. It dries quickly when put onto the face so it isn’t easy to spread and you use a lot. As it dries it feels very stiff and this can cause discomfort, which I found increased the longer I used the masque for. Having to use it every night for 15 minutes before bed (washing it off before actually going to bed) extends any skin care regime and its appearance either means you scare your partner or hide away from them during this process! I didn’t like it but persevered in the hope my skin would improve through using it, but after a week I stopped when I realised I was actually dreading using it, the discomfort was worsening and my skin was getting worse too – I had developed more spots, and the redness worsened, which improved once I stopped. It’s cheap, but I still wouldn’t recommend it.”

Jacqueline said:
“The product smelt very ‘yeasty’ – not at all pleasant – and the texture was very thick. It has to be put on like a face mask and left on for 15-20 minutes before being washed off, but there wasn’t enough in the tube to be able to do this for the 2-3 weeks required to see a difference – I think the tube would only allow four full treatments. It’s too much effort. I just want to apply the treatment and go to sleep at night. I can’t sit around for 20 minutes each night with a face pack on. In the end, I just applied the products to trouble spots nightly and usually fell asleep with it on. On one occasion, after I had a bit of a breakout and put the cream on the bad area and fell asleep, by the morning what would normally have been a horrible boil had been kept to just a hard lump. I reapplied the following couple of nights and the spot completely disappeared. Although it’s a palaver, I would like to have a tube to keep in my drawer for major breakouts because I experienced no irritation with the product – which was highly unusual for me – and was very impressed with the way it kept that awful boil under control.”

Dave said:
“The first time I used the masque I was pleased how well it went on, especially as I haven’t used one before. It had a quite pleasing aroma and was very easy to apply. It dried quickly and left my face feeling very clean and refreshed after use. But I did struggle with applying it as it didn’t seem to spread that well and I had to use quite a lot to cover my face and neck. I used the face mask for about four days and after every use my skin was very refreshed and felt very clean. I had to stop using it after such a short time as quite a large spot erupted. Whether this was caused by the cream I am not sure, but I had not had this problem in a long time. My skin could possibly be far too sensitive to use such a product. For people who continue to use this product I think it would be a good idea if the tubes were a fair bit bigger as I used it quite quickly.”

Mixed results and views from our testers, then. We are a little disappointed that there appear to be some labelling and ingredient issues which need to be resolved. The Skin Shop website does not give the product’s ingredients and gives little indication of how to use the product, and the accompanying online text at the time of this review maintains that it is an ‘extract’ of brewer’s yeast, not the yeast itself, which is in the product.

If we receive clarification on these points, we’ll add a note to this review at a later date.

Skin Shop’s Anti-Acne Yeast Face Masque costs £1.99 for 30ml. It is available from the Skin Shop site.

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